Fees and Financial Support

University enrolment fees vary from a minimum of 156 Euros to a maximum of about 3,900 Euros to be paid in two instalments:

• the first, of 156 Euros, is the same for all students and must be paid by the date of enrolment;
• the second, varies according to the student’s family income, must be paid by January 2020 (for the a.y 2019/2020)

In order to obtain a tax reduction on the basis of their income, students with residence in Italy must apply for the ISEE Università certification  (the sum that serves as the basis for the calculation of the second instalment) by asking for an appointment with one of the Authorized Fiscal Assistance Centres (CAF/CAAF) in Lombardy. Students must obtain their certifications by November so that the CAF/CAAF can communicate to the Student Office staff the indicator sum for calculating the exact amount of their second instalment payments. Otherwise they will be charged the maximum amount of the second instalment.

Students with residence outside Italy will have to get in contact with the Bursary office in order to have their second instalment calculated.

Please consult the Unimi portal for further details concerning the fees for the current academic year, the procedures and deadlines to obtain exemption from fees and contributions, reimbursements and scholarships.

International students who apply within June are considered for the Excellence Scholarships and exemptions.
For more information, please visit the dedicated page.