Entry Requirements

Admission to the Master in Data Science and Economics requires:

  • knowledge of computer science, mathematics, economics and statistics at undergraduate level.
  • an Italian degree (ex. DM 270 /04) in:

l-7 Ingegneria civile e ambientale
l-8 Ingegneria dell’informazione
l-9 Ingegneria industriale
l-16 Scienze dell’amministrazione e dell’organizzazione
l-18 Scienze dell’economia e della gestione aziendale
l-20 Scienze della comunicazione
l-30 Scienze e tecnologie fisiche
l-31 Scienze e tecnologie informatiche
l-32 Scienze e tecnologie per l’ambiente e la natura
l-33 Scienze economiche
l-35 Scienze matematiche
l-36 Scienze politiche e delle relazioni internazionali
l-37 Scienze sociali per la cooperazione, lo sviluppo e la pace
l-41 Statistica

  • or an italian degree (ex dm 509/99) in the equivalent classes to those listed above
  • or an equivalent degree obtained abroad.

To all candidates, the following minimum requirements apply in order to be admitted to the course:

A verification of the minimum access requirements is foreseen in the measure of:

  • at least 12 ECTS credits in the area of computer science and mathematics (disciplinary sectors: MAT/01 – MAT/09, SECS-S/06, INF/01, ING-INF/05)
  • at least 12 ECTS credits in the area of economics and statistical sciences, (disciplinary sectors: SECS-S01, SECS-P05, SECS-P / 01, SECS-P / 02, SECS-P07, SECS-P08)
  • English language knowledge, level B2 or higher, properly certified (eg.: TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) or by passing a B2 level test organized within your previous/current University.

In particular, the preparation required for the computer and mathematics area includes: general mathematics, linear algebra, programming and basic computer science; for the economic-statistical area: inferential statistics, basic econometrics, basic microeconomics, basic macroeconomics and elements of business sciences.

The profile of students regarding the knowledge required for access, motivations and individual preparation will be assessed on the basis of the evaluation of the curricula and through a selection interview conducted in English here in Milan or by electronic means. This verification will be carried out by a specific “Selection Commission” of teachers appointed by the Faculty Board.

The selection committee reserves the right to admit on the basis of the results of the interview only the students who do not fully verify one or more of the minimum access requirements due to discrepancies in the system of credits or academic qualifications or other objective reasons identified by the analysis of the material attached to the application form.

Students with a foreign qualification are also required to ascertain the basic requirements equivalent to the minimum requirements for students with an Italian qualification.

The master’s degree program also reserves the right to evaluate the possible inclusion of a programmed number, determined from year to year by the competent academic bodies, after evaluation of the structural, instrumental and personnel resources available for the functioning of the same.